About Us

The London Riverside BID was set-up by local businesses in 2007 as a not-for-profit company working to improve the area. The BID is directed by a Board made up of local businesses and provides services and improvements set-out by the business community. The BID has invested over £1 million in the area – with a third of this coming from external funding bodies.

London Riverside BID was  formed by FLAG (Ferry Lane Action Group), which has been active for over five years. During this time, members of the Company have been involved in several improvement schemes in the local area successfully securing various types of grant funding.

London Riverside BID is responsible for running the services on behalf of the business community. A voluntary board consisting of local business representatives will direct London Riverside BID and a steering group will decide how the money will be spent in the area, based on the commitments made in the BID proposal.

The London Riverside BID Ltd is incorporated as a not-for–profit company limited by guarantee.

  • BID Benefits

    • You only have to look around you to see how the whole area has been transformed and the tremendous improvements made in the BID’s first term.
    • The initiatives instigated by the London Riverside BID over the past few years have had a significant impact on crime reduction, improved the cleanliness of the estates and created a defined brand for the area.
    • The installation and monitoring of the CCTV and ANPR cameras by the BID, has seen a dramatic decline in crime and fly tipping in the area.
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