our achievements

Safe and Secure
Objective: To improve safety and perception of safety through a joined-up approach to enhancing the security of the area

We promised: A joined-up approach
We Delivered: An efficient network for intelligence sharing and emergencies. We have collated contact information for all security companies working across the BID area. All businesses that have supplied the BID with email addresses are now receiving emailed security incident reports and local Police Alert Communications.

We promised: Security advice
We delivered: The Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team regularly visit the BID area providing crime prevention advice and materials, such as leaflets and posters. Whenever there have been security breaches in the area a personal visit by our local Police Team, Security Team or BID Team has been offered and these have proved very popular.

We promised: Representation on Rainham’s Safer Neighbourhood Panel
We delivered: We have been representing London Riverside businesses on this panel since 2007 to ensure the area is included in Police priority considerations

We promised: A mobile security patrol
We delivered: Our Comprehensive Security Mobile Patrols have been in operation since 2007 – overnight and throughout the weekend. Additional mobile patrols are carried out over Bank Holidays, when the area is particularly at risk, due to inactivity. They provide 5,500 patrol hours per annum, have been very effective and have caught perpetrators “red handed”. The BID branded patrol vehicle strikes points at strategic, vulnerable locations in the BID area to ensure consistent coverage.

We promised: Lobbying for additional policing
We delivered: We lobbied for an additional Police presence in the area and were successful: the area now benefits from a Police Team made up on 1 Sergeant, two PC’s and five PCSO’s. Our work in this area has also meant we have developed a very strong working relationship with the Police for the benefit of the area.

We promised: CCTV coverage enhancements including ANPR
We delivered:
• 12 CCTV cameras, which are monitored 24/7 covering Lamson Road x 2, Albright Industrial Estate x 2, Coldharbour Lane /link round, Fairview Industrial Park x 2, Suttons Business Park, Denver Industrial Estate and Salamons Way x 2.
• 4 ANPR Cameras, which are monitored 24/7 covering Ferry Lane North, Ferry Lane South, Marsh Way and Lamson Road

We promised: Fencing and gating to secure vulnerable areas
We delivered:
• 2 electric security barriers to prevent theft, criminal damage and fly-tipping at Lamson Road and Fairview Industrial Park.
• Security palisade fencing at Albright Industrial Park to deter fly tipping. This fencing also stopped the unauthorised burning of rubbish, which was a regular practice at this location

And more:
• We established a security radio link between the BID Security Team, businesses who currently have ‘on site’ static security and the Police. This is the first radio link scheme in the country directly linking an industrial area with the Police.
• We provide Weekly Security Incident Reports – to 92% of businesses in the BID area
• We installed security lighting on Lamson Road and enhanced CCTV efficiency by installing additional lighting
• We installed 12 branded crime deterrent signs stating that ANPR/CCTV cameras are operational in the area.


Objective: To make Rainham’s environment visibly cleaner and more attractive.

We promised: To manage and monitor the environment reporting issues to the relevant authority
We delivered: Monitoring and constant liaison to help ensure that the local authority, Police and statutory providers fulfil their obligations in keeping the area safe, well maintained and clean.

We promised: BID funded maintenance and cleansing – where services offered by statutory bodies were not sufficient.
We delivered:
• Removal of fly-tipping, dumped vehicles and tyres – through the provision of a direct line of communication to the London Borough of Havering, enabling them to take swift action and prosecute offenders.
• Spruce up – Intensive boundary enhancement of all areas fronting roads and adjoining areas – equating to approximately 5000 sq metres of improvements.
• Monthly weed control and fortnightly grass cutting – during the appropriate seasons
• Weekly litter patrols and road sweeps

And more:
• We completed road and drainage improvement schemes on the Albright Industrial Estate
• We installed 9 new location signs and updated existing signs enhancing the environment and reputation of the area. We continue to update the location signs to reflect business relocating or moving into the area.
• With grants from ERDF and the Thames Gateway Parklands we supported the Council in securing additional paths, fencing and gates, grazing parcels, a boardwalk, bridges, culverts, seats, signage and some interpretation of the history and landscape of the area for the marshes north and south of the A13.


Objective: To represent, advocate and further the interests of Rainham’s business community

We promised: One Stop Shop service – providing assistance, information and
advice to businesses
We delivered: a professional support service for businesses 24/7 answering and resolving a wide range of concerns including: planning issues; government policy; problems with the local Council’s parking issues; blocked drains and dealings with utility services.

We promised: Regular newsletters, events and a website.
We delivered: Up-to-date information through Quarterly newsletters and our website www.londonriversidebid.co.uk . Annual ‘Birthday’ events and regular informative events held with our sponsors.

We promised: Applications for additional (grant) funding for the area
We delivered: We made successful grant applications for £350,000

We promised: A strong voice for business
We delivered: Lobbying and the provision of a powerful, combined voice for BID businesses to the Council, Police and other stakeholders in the area.
• We have supported local Action Groups and the Council in objections to planning applications where it was considered if the application was successful it would be detrimental to the area.
• We have worked with strategic agencies to monitor activities deemed inappropriate or detrimental to the area.
• After considerable lobbying the Council has agreed that funding could be considered for a much needed carriageway lighting scheme in Marsh Way South (provided it can be demonstrated that any such contribution passes the necessary tests associated with Section 106 agreements).
• We represent London Riverside businesses at key meetings where decisions are made, for example meetings where Police priorities are determined and put in place.
• The BID represents the businesses in Rainham at quarterly Business Board meetings with the Council, providing comprehensive reports of the BID’s progress and raising any issues in the BID area the Council should be made aware of. These meetings are attended by strategic agencies, the Chamber of Commerce etc.
• The BID ensures that the businesses are represented at any / all meetings that may be informative and of a direct benefit



We promised: Lobbying for new and improved transport provision

We delivered:• Our work with the Council and Gateway to London to lobby Transport for London for an extension or a provision of a new bus service has enabled the development of a Lift Sharing scheme with a dedicated website for businesses in the BID. Lobbying of Transport for London for an improved bus service in the area continues.
• The Rainham Station Interchange is complete and will become operational when the new library is complete in 2012

We promised: To address irresponsible driving and parking in the area
We delivered: We lobbied and were successful in achieving road calming measures throughout the BID area to tackle irresponsible driving and parking

We promised: To take measures to reduce congestion in the area
We delivered: The BID has assisted in establishing a Travel Plan to address transport issues in the area, at both the strategic and the local level. The Council are now taking this forward with the support of the BID and continues to make progress, albeit slowly.

And more:
• Over 100 businesses are saving money through our innovative paper and cardboard recycling collection scheme launched in 2009 in partnership with London Remade and Keeble Paper Recycling. In 2010 businesses recycled 11.5 tonnes of paper and cardboard saving 196 trees. This represents a combined cost saving to businesses of £1000.
• A BID lift sharing scheme in partnership with the London Borough of Havering. This car-share scheme aims to help London Riverside businesses and employees reduce their travel costs as well as local congestion and pollution via a dedicated website (www.LRB.liftshare.com) identifying those making similar journeys.

  • Our Key Aim

    To establish London Riverside as a well-managed and cared for area, providing a safer and more pleasant business environment and a strong, collective voice for the business community.
  • Our Objectives

    • Safe and Secure: To improve safety and perception of safety through a joined-up approach to enhancing the security of the area.
    • Clean: To make London Riverside’s environment visibly cleaner and more attractive.
    • Coordinated: To represent, advocate and further the interests of London Riverside’s business community.
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