the BID 4 years on

The first term of the London Riverside BID  ended in 2012. The BID will continue supplying the projects and services which have provided security, increased maintenance and cleanliness and represented the area since 2007.

We will:
• The continuation of Mobile Security Patrols / Implementing crime preventing measures
• Continued maintenance of boundaries and removal of rubbish/ fly tipping
• Additional security cameras for the area
• The continued monitoring of existing CCTV
in the area – 24/7
• Continued cost savings through the BID recycling scheme
• Security Radio Link expansion
• Continued lobbying to extend /add a new bus service

In addition to existing initiatives, such as additional security cameras, a strengthened security network and an employment brokerage service, and we have incorporated these in our plans for BID 2.

  • Services we provide

    • Additional security cameras
    • Employment brokerage service
    • 24/7 monitoring of the ANPR’s
    • 24/7 monitoring of  CCTV
    • The radio link
    • Strengthened security network
    • Mobile security patrols
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